Dr. Shashank Jain

Dr. Shashank Jain

A distinguished, meritorious and well-known radiologist having been associated with leading Hospitals of Delhi like LNJP Hospital & GTB Hospital as well as various leading Diagnostic Institutes of East Delhi like LPL, Focus Imaging, Sun Imaging etc. for last more than 10 years, he has already carved a niche for himself in the area in the Diagnostic field consolidating the same with establishment and successful management of a state-of-art highly equipped MRI and Imaging Center “NISHKAM IMAGING SOLUTIONS Pvt. Ltd.” in East Delhi.

An excellent visionary who always emphasizes on HONESTY, COURTESY and QUALITY as leading traits for himself as well as people associated with him, he has envisioned “ANSH” as an effort to become an “INTEGRAL PART OF PEOPLES’ LIFE” whom the center serves by way of tireless efforts towards QUALITY ASSOCIATED WITH COMPASSION.

Dr. Shalini Sharma

A very skillful and highly competent Specialist Endodontist having been one of the Top Ten finishers throughout her academic Career encompassing leading Institutes of India like AIIMS [being a Topper there], LNJP Hospital, GTB Hospital, GDC Amritsar etc. and after disposing of her Academic responsibilities in form of Reader, DJ Dental College, she has been one of the leading lights for “ANSH” right from its inception putting her Excellent Managerial skills to use ensuring smooth day-to-day functioning of the Institute.